Energy Efficiency

EU Updates Energy Labeling Requirements for Specific Types of Products
Israel Makes Final Steps Towards National Reform on Import of Electrical Appliances
Saudi Arabia Adopts Amendments to Two Energy Efficiency Standards
Energy Efficiency Requirements to Refrigerating Appliances in the EAEU
EAEU Changes Implementation Date of New Technical Regulation for Energy-Using Appliances
Saudi Arabia Implements New Season Energy Efficiency Ratio Labels for Air Conditioners
Thailand Implements New MEPS Requirements for Washing Machines
Energy Efficiency label requirements for televisions in Ukraine
Energy efficiency label requirements in Ukraine
Energy Efficiency Labeling for Vacuum Cleaners in Ukraine
Ukraine Sets up Technical Regulations for Energy Efficiency Labeling of Household Ovens and Kitchen
Use of Energy Efficiency Label for Air Conditioners in Ukraine
Use of Energy Efficiency Label for Household Tumble Dryers in Ukraine
Ukraine Launches Technical Regulation on Energy labelling of Professional Refrigerated Storage Cabinets
EU Implements Revised Energy Efficiency Requirements for Refrigerating Appliances
European Union Starts Introducing Revised Energy Efficiency Requirements for Light Sources
EU Implements New Energy Efficiency Requirements for Some Categories of Refrigerating Appliances
Ukraine Approves Technical Regulations on Ecodesign
New Energy Labelling Requirements Came into Force in Colombia
Russia Approves Product Categories Subject to Energy Efficiency Labelling
Chile Updates Deadlines for Implementation of Technical Regulations for Some Electrical Products
Energy Efficiency Requirements for Heaters and Water Heaters in Switzerland
Ecuador Updates Technical Regulations on Domestic Refrigeration Appliances
Energy Efficiency and Conformity Assessment of Domestic Refrigerators and Freezers in El Salvador

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